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YSU Venture Center


As the start of the 21st century, Gyeong-gi-do selected Anyang for a special development of IT related  business. With this new policy, the area was to be developed into a domestic animal veterinary service area. Anyang also announced plans to develop an IT corridor from Myunghak station to the Induckwon area. Based on these venture plans, Yeonsung University has developed strategies with the goal for a  ‘Cooperative system education’ and ‘training specialized workers . This was the foundation of establishing ‘The Gyeong-gi Anyang Technical College venture center’.



A knowledge based industries are growing as a main industry, small and medium venture businesses are also developing with new ideas and technology. It is important to develop competitive small venture business to become leaders of new industry in the 21st century. The Gyeong-gi Yeonsung University venture center is promoting new Venture industry by affording various technical support, informational support  and financial economical help.


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